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The Special Strike: Rebellion is an SFM Five Night's at Freddy's movie, directed by TheHotttestDog, and was released in June 21st, of 2021.



The scene begins back in Christmas, 2017. Springtrap gets launched into the "Employees only" room by an offscreen Puppet. As he recovers, an unknown person closes the door from behind, unaware of the green rabbit's presence. While the others continue their holiday special outside the room, Springtrap hears creaking footsteps from the corner of the room.

Springtrap: Who's there?

Springtrap's attention is caught towards the corner, he shuffles forward investigate who is hiding. But as he is looking for who it is, behind him is Golden Freddy, glaring at the former, whilst holding a frying pan on his hand. The scene then cuts to Foxy, who is about to eat his candy cane hook, but is interrupted when he hears a thud in the room. But instead of going inside the room to investigate, he only takes notice towards the unlocked door, before the screen then cuts to black.

After a while, Springtrap wakes up to find himself still stuck in the "Employees only" room, and Golden Freddy, standing before him at a table.

Golden Freddy: You were out for a while. Must've got you on the head pretty hard.

Springtrap narrowed his eyes and looks down on the floor, unsure of what Golden Freddy wants with him.

Golden Freddy: The door is unlocked, y'know? You can leave.

Springtrap however, doesn't fall for it, and quickly calls out the Yellow Bear's bluff.

Springtrap: I'm not that stupid. If you wanted to keep me captive, you would have at least tied me up.

Golden Freddy: This is why I picked you first, you seem smarter than the others... perhaps even smart enough to know what we really are.

Springtrap: I have no idea what you are talking about, or why this is all necessary.

Golden Freddy looks back at the door, showing awareness of how long he can keep the Pirate Fox from knowing his plot.

Golden Freddy: We got time. I distracted Foxy from knowing what we are about to do.

Springtrap, shows confusion of what Golden Freddy had said.

Springtrap: We?

The scene then cuts to Golden Freddy and Springtrap, the former donning his withered attire, though lacks the top hat. The two then walk through a metal door in an unknown location. The lights then turn on to see shelves and blueprints of Golden Freddy's latest ideas. Springtrap looks in front of him, and widened his eyes to see a blueprint of RXQ. The scene then cuts to Golden Freddy and Springtrap working on QXR's modifications. As the model goes through a spray paint machine. Golden Freddy chuckles, while Springtrap gives him a sidelong glance, feeling insecure of what they're both doing. The two then look through the rejected designs. In there are various rejected models of the soon to be General. Golden Freddy then grabs one of the rejected models and drags him across the floor, wanting to put use to his design. Golden Freddy then grabs a flash drive out of a computer, and inserts the drive into a hat, before placing the hat on the rejected model's head. The scene then cuts to various areas of Golden Freddy's headquarters, revealing that Golden Freddy had been watching over Freddy and his gang since the beginning. and various creations of the soon to be Shadow Droids. The scene then cuts to a few claw drones, grabbing the parts of project RXQ, and setting them down on a table. Golden Freddy then attaches the model's arm, as he attaches it, the arm starts to extend in control, which satisfies Golden Freddy. He then looks back at Springtrap, the latter only glancing down. Golden Freddy then heads to another room, and pulls down a lever, with the rejected model and project RXQ set up in front of them. As Golden Freddy prepares to give the two models a controlled shock, The door behind them opens. Springtrap looks shocked to see Fredbear, who is stripped from his suit and is nothing more than a wandering endoskeleton with a purple tophat. The two Shadow Droids shove him in front of the two. Though inaudible, Fredbear confronts Golden Freddy and Springtrap for what they are doing. Springtrap asks Golden Freddy how he had escape his cell, and attempted to escape from their head quarters. Golden Freddy responds by ordering the two Shadow Droids to lock him up. Before Fredbear can respond, he is met with a taser to the back, which knocks him unconscious. Springtrap then turns his attention back towards the two models, and tells Golden Freddyto activate the switch. Golden Freddy does so, and gives the rejected model (General) and project RXQ a controlled shock. As both Golden Freddy and Springtrap look in awe. The controlled shock suddenly shuts down, before the two models suddenly turn their heads towards the two. Thus, General (Shadow Freddy) and RXQ (Shadow Bonnie) are born.

The scene then cuts the present, with Chica, who is unawake, in bad condition and has been chained up in an unknown universe. Standing before them is Springtrap and Ennard, both shocked to see her ending up here. Springtrap, trying to comprehend with what he is witnessing, remembered what Freddy had said about her whereabouts.

Springtrap: This whole time... this whole time, she's been in a random universe chained up? Freddy told us that she went on holiday.


Springtrap: Yeah, she went to Buffalo White Wings.

Springtrap however, realizes that what he had said sounded completely wrong whatsoever.

Springtrap: Now saying that out, I can see why it's wrong. But why is she here in the first place?


As the two wonder what Chica is doing, and how she ended up here, behind the trees are a shadowy figure strolling past the camera.

Springtrap: You're right. We should get her unchained and back to the others.

As Ennard approaches towards Chica, Springtrap hears a glitching noise coming from the background. He turns to see nothing but pitch black, and as Ennard approaches with Chica's unconscious body, Springtrap stops him in his tracks, believing that they're not alone. After the sound stops, the two seem to be in the clear...

Springtrap: I think it's a-

...before Springtrap is met with a laser, knocking him back, whilst Ennard is shocked with the surprise attack, he too is also met with a laser, knocking him back.

LASER BOT: Trents detected! Retrieve the subject!

More laser bots fire at Springtrap and Ennard, the former missing his jaw and a few parts of his suit. As an explosion knocks the two back, they quickly run for cover. Two bots zoom past the two, although they're not in the clear yet. Springtrap and Ennard drag Chica along, and eventually make their way back to the glitching leafless tree. As they both look at each other, they're eyes suddenly widened when one of the bots end up finding the two and knocks the trees over. As the bot is about to shoot them, Springtrap and Ennard panickily, and yet funnily poke at the tree repeatedly. Just as the bot fires and the laser hits the tree, the two suddenly disappear, while the glitching tree remains where it is. The bot then celebrates, believing to have successfully killed the two, while one of the bots approaches towards the scene.

LASER BOT: Oh, oh I- I did it! I DID IT!

LASER BOT: What you have done?!

LASER BOT: I- I shoot the...

The bot however is shocked to realize that the two are not there, and the glitching tree still standing. The other bot, who is unamused of what he was doing, believes that he was just messing around by shooting at the glitching tree. He then orders the other bot to a presumed time out while the bot tries to explain what he was shooting at.

LASER BOT: But, I- I shoot the- but- but, I shoot the...

Seeing as how the other bot doesn't believe him at all, the bot then somberly hovers past him with his head down and groaning in sadness.

The scene then cuts back to where Springtrap and Ennard first arrived, the two appearing briefly unconscious with Chica's body. Springtrap wakes up to find themselves back to where there are, followed by Ennard waking up as well. Both then look back to see they have successfully retrieved Chica, before setting eyes to the portal. The two then go through the portal offscreen. The screen then fades to the aftermath of the battlefield, showing Bonnie's corpse. A portal appears beside him, emerging out of it is Springtrap, Ennard and Chica, still unconscious. The two observe the wreckage, and various areas of dead Shadow Droids. Springtrap's attention is then caught by Bonnie's corpse, before it doesn't take them too long to realize that they missed out the entire fight.

Springtrap: We're too late. But, I think we can still fix her.

The two stare at Chica, still unawake, before the screen cuts to black.

As an explosion is heard in the background, a voice is heard, having heard the background explosion themselves.

???: What the hell was that?!

The screen fades to Candy and what's left of his gang, that being Cat, Rat and Penguin observing the battlefield to see nothing more than dead people scattered across town.

Candy: This might explain why there were no kids today.

The gang hears footsteps approach towards them, and they turn to see one of their members, Vinnie, who participated in the big war, still alive, though his eye damaged.

Candy: Vinnie! What happened out there?

Though Vinnie doesn't answer him, Candy notices some of his members missing.

Candy: Wait! Where is Cindy and Blank?

The scene cuts to Chief's headquarters, where the remaining prisoners are being held captive. That of being Cindy and Blank, who were recently captured by a few Shadow Droids.

Cindy: How long has it been again, Blank?

Blank answers in a depressing tone.

Blank: Two days, Cindy. Two days

Cindy: Y'know, for us being held captive, you don't seem to be emotional about it.

Blank: Am I ever? I'm just trying to figure out what that thing is supposed to be.

The two then set their eyes on their next door inmates, green guy, who is seemingly annoyed with their conversation, but ignores them nonetheless.

Blank: Like, is it a bird, or a puppet?

Cindy: He's not the main issue, if you couldn't tell. We're in a cage only "Mighty Jim" knows where, and Candy doesn't know where we are.

Blank: I think he could care less. Not like he cares about us anyway.

Cindy: Okay, sure. Then why did Candy decide to give me a new hair dryer to celebrate the opening of our restaurant?

Blank: That hair dryer was the same one you had last year, that Candy stole, only to give back to you a year later to seem like he cares. Also, you have no hair, so...

Cindy only narrows her eyes, but still keeps her hopes up for Candy to find them.

Cindy: I have hope for my Candy. He'll find us soon.

Blank: Are you guys related, or what? 'Cause this is getting...

The screen then fades to black just as Blank is speaking.

The scene then fades into nighttime, with Springtrap gazing upon the stars, before looking down, feeling lament towards his dead friends. Ennard finds Springtrap, and approaches towards him, the latter looking back, while the former sits next to him.

Springtrap: What's there really to say? Everyone's dead.


Springtrap: I know we haven't looked yet, but do you honestly think there is someone still alive? We're not cut out for this.

Ennard puts his hand on Springtrap's shoulder, and points towards Chica's unconscious anatomy.

Springtrap: You're right. We still have to try. Tomorrow, we will start out progress on searching for survivors, and parts to fix her.

The screen then fades to black.


A flashback occurs, with Springtrap and Golden Freddy working on project RXQ and one of the reject models. Springtrap, having concerns that they will most likely fail, asks Golden Freddy what they are supposed to do then?

Springtrap: What if we fail? What if your plan backfires, and we did all of this for nothing?

Golden Freddy: Don't worry, I have prepared for that. This RXQ model will be constructed with a second form. Once it's physical form is completely broken, it will scan itself and reform. Better and more aggressive than it's previous form. And it's only goal will be to reassemble the Shadow Army, in case we do fail.

Springtrap then turns back, curious of what they're doing with the rejected Freddy model.

Springtrap: What about this Freddy model?

Golden Freddy: I got that from the trash pile. I'm not wasting my limited technology on junk. Now, get back to work! Our time is limited.

The camera then zooms in with RXQ's head on the table, before the scene cuts to the present, where in the destroyed battlefield, RXQ's disassembled corpse is seen on the ground. It's eyes glow as it scans itself to connect itself back together.


RXQ's head begins to shake, yet again, nothing happens


As RXQ scans himself, his torso begins levitating up in the air, before RXQ activates one more command.


RXQ's torso begins glowing red out of his head socket, and purple out of his arm sockets. His other limbs being to float and are put back in place, one by one. As his arms and legs reconnect to his torso, a faint, purple aura begins appearing, coating his original form, as he shakes his hand, and lands on the ground, the same aura appears again. The body then leans forward for the levitating head to reconnect to his lower body, the camera then looks up, with his eyes appearing more purple and menacing, before the screen briefly cuts to black. The screen then cuts back, with RXQ (Now referred as QXR) appearing in his second form. He then looks at the camera, whilst shaking violently, Before the screen cuts back to black, followed by a 8-bit sounded grumble, presumably coming from QXR.

The scene cuts back to the Chief's location, revealing two Shadow Droids, still alive (with one of the missing an ear and arm, and the other with wires coming out of his eye, and lacking a shoulder pad). As the two look around, a portal emerges in front of them. Coming out of the portal is another Shadow droid (though, part of his bowtie is missing, and lacks a suit coating of his left hand).

Shadow Droid: Couldn't identify any other survivors of the explosion. We are the last three.

Shadow Droid: That doesn't matter. After that explosion, there shouldn't be much more of Freddy's friends left. Besides, we already have some left over from the strike. Those puppets, the green midgit, and now, those animatronics from Candy's

Shadow Droid: Keep in mind, we didn't get all of them. The rest are still out there somewhere. Which is why we are going to track the rest of them down. In the meantime, one of you check on the prisoners we have left.

The first two droids stare at each other determinedly, the two then briefly play rock, paper, scissors, which the one on the right loses. The 'winning' Shadow Droid chuckles cheekily, before directing the 'losing' Shadow Droid to check on the remaining prisoners. The 'losing' Shadow Droid sighs, and heads over towards the prison room. The Shadow Droid approaches the prison room, and see's that all the prisoners are still in their cells.

Shadow Droid: Everyone seems to be in their proper p-

???: Hey! Hey, you!

The camera turns to see a young prisoner, speaking to the Shadow Droid

Thomas: Obese, purple bear!

Shadow Droid: Ignore him.

Thomas: Just to let you know, me and my brilliant sidekick are coming up with an ingenious plot to escape, and you will never see it coming. So don't think-

Shadow Droid: Do you even have a plan?

Thomas: No. But I will, and mark my words, me and my sidekick will haunt you for the rest of your...

The Shadow Droid abruptly shuts the door, much to the prisoner's annoyance.

Thomas: What do we do now, sidekick?

Yellow guy: Where are we?

The prisoner can only narrow his eyes at the dumbfounded question, before the screen cuts to black.

The scene cuts back to the Shadow Droid returning from the prison room.

Shadow Droid: All of the subjects are still in their respective cells.

The other Shadow Droid nods his head, before suggesting to check the battlefield once more.

Shadow Droid: Let's go check around the battlefield one more time.

The two Shadow Droids nod their heads in agreement, before all three head through the portal offscreen.

The scene cuts to Candy and his gang in an unknown location, resting upon a bonfire.

Candy: This city is bigger than I expected, considering that we are lost, 'cause someone can't read the map properly.

Candy and the other's glare at Rat, the latter who looks back at them, before pulling the map up. Cat doesn't take too long to figure out that Rat had read the map upside down, before flipping it right side up. As Rat's eyes are widened with his horribly map reading, Cat heavily glares at him, before slapping him in the face.

Cat: You stupid!

As Candy and Penguin stare at the two, Candy wonder's what they're supposed to do now.

Candy: So, where do we go from here?


As Penguin answers Candy's question, they suddenly hear a rumbling noise somewhere from behind.

Candy: Do you guys hear something back there?

Cat and Rat look back at Candy, but they don't respond. Candy then gets up to investigate behind the wall, before approaching where the noise was heard. As they're approaching forward, Vinnie, feeling insecure about where they're going, suggests to his boss not to investigate further.

Vinnie: I- I don't trust this, boss.

Candy: I never trusted any of this, but what else are we gonna do?

Cat attempts to push a large boulder aside, but it doesn't budge. Taking notice that Rat is not doing anything, asks him to help him out.

Cat: Hey! You mind giving me a hand?

Rat: Actually, I do.

Cat: Well, what if someone is alive under here, and they die, because you decided to be too much of a wise guy to help lift up the boulder?

Rat yawns, clearly ignoring Cat's question, before sarcastically answering it.

Rat: Well, then you should've helped him.

Cat shows irritation with Rat's attitude, before his attention is caught with Penguin calling out to the others.

Vinnie: Guys! Penguin's found something.

The other's approach to Penguin's area, and they're surprised to see a survivor: Security Puppet still alive, although she is seen holding a top hat that Puppet had given to her, signaling that she's grieving of her friend's demise. Candy, quickly picks up what she is doing.

Candy: Oh! I see we caught you in a bad time.

Cat: Another puppet. Vinnie, you know this one?

Vinnie: Uh, yes! She was one of the Puppet's friends. Then, another puppet in a suit recruited me while I was on holiday.

Rat: Wait, that's a girl?

Candy rolls his eyes at Rat's confusion, before approaching to Security Puppet.

Candy: Well, it looks like you've been around this place longer than we have been. Could you help us find our way around?

Security Puppet can only blink, as she is unable to answer his question.

Rat: She ain't talkin'.

Cat: We should start heading back, boss. We'll get some shuteye before tomorrow.

Candy and the gang then head back to the bonfire, with Security Puppet holding a familiar piece, before tagging behind. The camera zooms behind her to a fence, behind the other side is QXR, who pops his head up behind the rubble, before the screen cuts to black.

The scene then cuts back to the bonfire, with Security Puppet sitting next to Candy. As the others are settling in, Candy begins to question Security Puppet.

Candy: So, from all that rubble on ya' I suppose you know what's going on around here?

Though Security Puppet doesn't answer his question, she looks down, getting various flashbacks of her perspective from the fight. Her thoughts are suddenly broken by Vinnie speaking.

Vinnie: Well, now that we're on the topic of this whole war thing, before I found you guys, I saw some survivors. A green rabbit, and, uh, a gray fella' made of wires.

Rat: If they're the only one's around, then they must be the one responsible for this whole thing!

Cat: Let's not start pointing finger's yet, smart guy.

As Cat says this, the camera zooms out to see an animatronic figure, lurking in the shadows. QXR then emerges out of the rubble, and drops a rock on the floor, before heading back in the rubble, which catches the others' attention.

Candy: I heard somethin'.

A loud stomp is heard behind the rubble, followed by glitching growling.

Vinnie: I heard something that time!

QXR then pops his head out, before sneaking back behind the rubble. Security Puppet, tucks in the familiar piece under her hat. QXR suddenly appears over the roof, and growls from above. QXR then jumps from above and almost crushes the group, but they merely avoid the sudden attack. Candy, who is knocked back onto the floor, looks up in horror to see QXR's more horrific appearance. QXR roars in fury, which Candy quickly responds by running back, and past Security Puppet, who QXR extends his limb to grab her by the head.


QXR then throws Security Puppet on the ground, which damages her throat. She hovers her hand around the damage, before getting back up and running back. QXR then extends his limbs out and grabs Rat by the back, before strangling him. Penguin notices this, and fearlessly (though dumbfoundedly) runs towards the Shadow animatronic. QXR responds by throwing Rat at him, knocking the two back. Cat then comes in to attack, but QXR quickly counters his attack, and swipes him back, before slugging him in the side, and slamming him down on the ground. QXR then extends all his limbs around the area, attacking everyone else. Candy meanwhile, hides behind a few metal signs, and peeks his head out, trying to stay out of QXR's distance. Though the defense system is poor, as QXR appears right behind him.

QXR: Do I really have to force it out of you?!

QXR then extends his jaw out and attempts to bite Candy's head off, but Candy struggles to hold him back. Security Puppet shows up and finds the two, before approaching them. Just as QXR is about to bite Candy off, Security Puppet brings out the familiar piece, which catches his attention. QXR then dashes past Candy (who's right cheek is missing a rose blush), before the screen cuts to black. Security Puppet then opens her eyes to see the piece and QXR gone. Candy brushes off the dust on his suit, before speaking to Security Puppet.

Candy: Was that one of yours?

This time, Security Puppet manages to answer his question, having her voice box fixed, thanks to QXR's ambush.

Security Puppet: He was, but not anymore.

Rat, however, calls out her inability to speak, a bluff in an inappropriate time.

Rat: Aha! I knew she was faking!

Security Puppet only narrowed her eyes over Rat's arrogant manner, before the screen cuts to black.

The scene cuts to QXR walking out of an alleyway, looking around for anyone nearby. His eyes begin disorienting, before twisting his head in a 360 degree angle. QXR then observes the piece that Security Puppet formerly had.

QXR: And I knew I saw that puppet pick it up, the final front piece. And she kept it in perfect condition. I'm one piece closer to finishing the task. I know he'll be proud of my accomplishments. Especially depending to my cons partner, who was dealt by a little sh-

As QXR walks on, he stumbles across an object, then looks down to see a hat that belonged to the deceased General. He then picks up the hat, observing it.

QXR: What a coincidence.

QXR then looks down to see that a note was under the hat. He reads the note saying: "IF FOUND, PLEASE PUT THIS HAT ON THE PROTOTYPE THAT HOLDS THE BADGE".

QXR: "The prototype that holds the badge".

The screen then cuts to black.


Another flashback occurs, it's revealed to be the moment where Golden Freddy (minus Springtrap, as he went missing after Christmas) had departed from Freddy and his gang. Springtrap sits by a bonfire, before looking up at Golden Freddy, who stole Fredbear's suit earlier. Springtrap then speaks to him, if he has any idea where to go.

Springtrap: Do you have any idea where you are going?

Golden Freddy: Not at the moment, but we had to leave. I could tell they were getting suspicious about me, ever since I gave Foxy the laptop to keep him occupied.

Springtrap: I can't believe I'm doing this. What will our friends think?

Golden Freddy: They will be grateful about our discovery. This will change everything for the better.

Springtrap: But, will it? Your project hasn't had the best start, since we had to leave before they got suspicious. You also knocked me out, so that's another factor.

Golden Freddy: It's too late to go back now, anyway. We can only move forward from here.

Springtrap: How do you think Freddy will take this? I know he means something to you.

Golden Freddy, shows brief concern of Freddy, but ignores Springtrap's question and heads inside the tent.

Golden Freddy: I'm going in for the night.

Springtrap looks on, before responding once more.

Springtrap: Goodnight.

The scene then cuts back to the present, with Ennard sleeping somewhere in the battlefield, and Chica, still unconscious, laid down next to him. Springtrap walks by, collecting wooden planks from around the battlefield. He notices Ennard sleeping, and wakes him up by throwing a rock at his head.

Springtrap: Stop slacking off and get up, you know what we have to do today.

Ennard then tiredly gets up as Springtrap tells him to look for survivors as he builds a base with leftover materials.

Springtrap: I'll start building our base from whatever I can find around here, you go out and try to find survivors.


Springtrap: I'm sure there are some still out there, but we will never know until you look.

Springtrap then walks away, while Ennard roams around the area to look for survivors. He begins inspecting dead animatronics, he then sets his eyes towards an arm sticking out of a rubble. Curious as to who could be stuck in the rubble, Ennard grabs the arm, but ends up accidentally detaching it from the unknown person. As his eye widens, having accidentally harmed the presumed dead person, Ennard drops the limp arm, before moving away from the scene. Ennard is then seen staring at a dead Debauchery Freddy, the latter who's radio is still active, briefly playing 90's music, before the radio cuts off and his insides start overheating. Ennard then hears a rumbling noise nearby and approaches to the noise. There, he sees The Chief (Golden Freddy), lying dead next to the rubble, which is covering Freddy's corpse. Behind the rubble emerges Withered Bonnie, still alive, although in bad condition. Ennard is then shocked to see him, and quickly rushes towards him.

Withered Bonnie: Ennard, is that you?

Ennard then sticks his hand out for him.

Withered Bonnie: I'm glad you came around. I didn't know how long I was going to last by myself. I already have no face, why make me suffer more?

Withered Bonnie then walks back, and sits to where both The Chief and Freddy lie dead on the ground.

Withered Bonnie: I wish I could have been there... to know how that became their resolution. How did Freddy make Golden Freddy change his mind?


Withered Bonnie only blanky stares at Ennard, having no idea what he just said.

Withered Bonnie: I didn't understand a word you just said. But, I do think Chief's reign is over.

Ennard and Withered Bonnie then hear a shuffling noise nearby, and turn their heads towards the noise.

Withered Bonnie: Did you hear that?

The two then approach closer towards the noise, thanks to Withered Bonnie's good sense of hearing, he is able to tell exactly where the noise came from.

Withered Bonnie: It came from over there.

The two then stare at a huge rubble, with the top shuffling from someone underneath. The two then move closer to inspect the rock.

Withered Bonnie: I'll move the rock, you see what's causing the noise.

Withered Bonnie then approaches to the rock, and moves it with his remaining arm. Ennard then moves the rock aside to see who's under. Under the rubble is revealed to be a damaged Foxy, somehow still alive, although now missing both his ears and arm. Foxy then sits up to see Ennard standing before him. Withered Bonnie then approaches to Ennard, wanting to know who is under the rubble.

Withered Bonnie: So, who is it?

Withered Bonnie looks to see Foxy, the former who isn't really surprised that he lives. Ennard then grabs Foxy, and lifts him off the ground

Withered Bonnie: It sure does take a lot to take you down.

Foxy: I don't even know how I do it either, but I'm glad to see that you two are alive. Wait! where were you and Springtrap during the whole fight? I didn't see you at the bar, either!

Withered Bonnie: Calm down! We still have a job to do.

The three animatronics' attention is then caught by a nearby portal gun noise.

Withered Bonnie: Let's check over there.

The three then approach towards the noise, seeing a yellow light on their left. They turn to see one of Chief's former prisoners still alive, and just about the walk through the portal. Foxy, however is appalled by his act, due to even after setting him and the other prisoners free, he decided to repay them by taking his leave, and not helping or looking for survivors. The former then questions where the latter is going.

Foxy: Where do you think you are going?!

Headless Chicken: There's a lot to see in this life... not wasting it here.

The former prisoner then walks through the portal, and is never seen again. Withered Bonnie shows clear confusion as to what the prisoner just said.

Withered Bonnie: What?

Foxy: Well, great! And I can bet that the others that weren't killed, fled as well.

Foxy, being all too right, is however unaware of Waldston SFM's Circus Baby and Helpy, popping out of the background, before hiding back in the rubble, and presumably fleeing from the battlefield.

Ennard looks at the two, before heading off in another direction, much to Foxy's curiosity.

Foxy: Where is he going?

Withered Bonnie: I think he is going to take us back to his base. And from what I can tell from his broken voice, Springtrap is there as well.

Foxy and Withered Bonnie follow Ennard to their base, where the former finds the two offscreen.

Foxy: I found them.

Foxy looks further at something offscreen, which he shows annoyance towards.

Foxy: Are you serious?

Springtrap and Ennard are seen viewing at the former's progress on the "base", the latter who's eye is narrowed. Springtrap then turns and asks Ennard if he had found any survivors.

Springtrap: So, did you find anyone

Ennard then points back to where the two survivors are. Springtrap then looks to where he had pointed. Foxy and Withered Bonnie then approach the two, who are also looking at Springtrap's "base". As Springtrap is about to welcome them, Foxy quickly interrupts him.

Springtrap: Fo-

Foxy: Before you say anything, is this your idea of a base?

Springtrap: Do I look stupid to you?

The camera then cuts to Springtrap's so-called "base", with a disturbing fart sound in the back. Springtrap claims his progress to only be the entrance.

Springtrap: It's only the front entrance.

As Springtrap says this, he, along with the others notice a leaf slowing falling from above, before landing on top of the wooden planks. Seeing as the leaf gave no effect on the "base", Springtrap briefly sighs of relief, but his relief is cut short when a rock from above falls down and destroys his progress. Springtrap looks back at the two, who are unamused by his poor effort of his base.

Springtrap: Well, what do I look like? A goddamn architect?!

Withered Bonnie's attention is then caught by Chica, before Foxy turns to see who it is.

Withered Bonnie: Wait, is that...?

Springtrap looks back at Chica, and answers Withered Bonnie's question.

Springtrap: Yes, it is. I will explain everything, but first, we need some shelter. It can get dangerous at night.

Withered Bonnie: Well, we are in an abandoned city. Which means, there could be some buildings here that were not damaged from the explosion that we could go to.

Foxy: Good idea! Let's get moving, so we can hopefully find one by sunset.

As the four are seen discussing, behind a rubble in the distance is Candy, who is spying on the four, showing suspicion of them.

Back in the Chief's base, a portal opens up. Coming from the portal is QXR, who brought the General's hat with him. QXR then approaches towards the "rejected designs" room, and opens the door to see multiple scrap models in the room, that were previously rejected by the Chief. QXR then picks out the model that "holds the badge", and hooks it up on a machine. QXR then presses a button nearby, which puts the model in the subject area, and the door closing it. As a red light flares in the background, electricity is heard behind the door, much to QXR's satisfaction. As the door opens again, the machine takes out the model, before unhooking the model from the claw. The model awakens as it lands on the floor, before it opens its eyes. Having been revived, the General looks around, and see's QXR standing before him, in his new appearance. The General, then shows curiosity if they won the war.

General: What happened? Did we win?

QXR: You were blasted during the fight, nice job. Now, come on, I'll explain everything on the way. We have work to do.

QXR and the General then walk out of the rejected models room, and set out to the battlefield.\

Meanwhile, Springtrap and the others look through a building, with the former observing it's surroundings.

Springtrap: It looks vagrant.

Foxy: Isn't that a good thing?

Foxy carelessly drops Chica on the floor, much to Ennard's chagrin, before the latter split secondly chokes the former for being careless. Springtrap shakes his head, before setting his eyes towards a glowing red button nearby. Springtrap pushes the button, causing the building lights to turn on, making the room visible. Withered Bonnie inspects the area, taking notice of the dead shadow droid, lying against a small shack.

Withered Bonnie: It looks like people were here before us, but I think they are long gone.

Springtrap: The blast should have still impacted everyone that was in here. So, I think we are safe.

Foxy looks towards the corner of the room, seeing a cat-like animatronic still alive, though stuck in the jaws of a dead, nightmarish animatronic.

Foxy: Yikes.

Withered Bonnie: Guys, there's another floor to this building.