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Obese & Shadow Man are supporting, and dating, characters in the Specials series. They are the main characters of the April Fools' specials since the 2nd one, as well as their own game, Obese & Shadow Man's Quest.


Obese is a more comedic version of Golden Freddy/Chief from the Special Series. His jaw is detached from his life psychics and can make a goofy grin at times, he has much larger eyebrows. He also has a more goofy, old man voice. And the hat is backwards
Shadow Man is a single goofy version of the Shadow Freddy soldiers. His model is a purple recolor of the I6NIS Freddy model.


They both first appear in the April Fools Day Special 2 video. In the video, Obese requests Shadow Man to shove a old lady (Rockstar Chica) on the road, which Shadow Man does. They make a appearance at the end of The Special Strike video where it's shown that they watched the video itself on a laptop, receiving it negatively. They decide to go see the film "Avengers: Endgame" saying that it would probably be better. They also decide to shove the "Old Lady" on the road on their way there. After watching Endgame, they also gave it negative feedback so they made their own, which led to their apprehension, but later escape & are recruited by Penguin & Chester, promising free Fruit by the Foot.

They make their appearance in Special Strike: Rebellion, where the 2 of them ride into the scene with a tank. Obese accidentally shoots his one and only tank shell at Siren head. After he tells Shadow Man that he wasted their only shell, Siren head comes over and tosses Obese away. Obese appears again later, being mistaken for Chief by Dawko. Obese reappears in his own series, "Spitting Straight Facts" promoting the new membership program, & in the next episode, future projects on the channel.

They become the main characters of their own game, "Obese & Shadow Man's Quest", wherein they raid the Subway section of the Walmart store ran by "Paul". After they get Subway cookies for life, they bomb the place & made sure the innocent people get out safely. The game ends with a parody of Security Breach's true ending as they eat Subway cookies while watching the bomb explode Walmart, getting them wanted in 15 states.