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Glitchtrap is a character from the Five Nights at Freddy’s Franchise. He is one of the major villains of TheHottestDog’s specials. Glitchtrap paved the way for important events such as the fulfillment of Chief's Plans.

Physical Appearance[]

Glitchtrap takes the shape of a grinning, bipedal, golden-yellow rabbit. He is wearing a purple star-speckled vest, a purple bow tie, and two black buttons near the top of his chest. He also has stitches stretching across his waving hand. He also possesses vivid purple eyes with small pupils.


Glitchtrap is assigned by The_End to solve any problem in the plot and fix anything that isn't right and wrong, The_End tasked him by giving him 3 HenchRabbits and an eraser device. In addition, he played an important role in the formation of events. He made his first attempt and debut at Thanksgiving 2017 without appearing. He had come with a laptop to get his plans started, anyone caught in that laptop would become Glitchtrap's main focus and brainwashed person. It is still unclear who his real purpose is. While Freddy is arguing with Golden Freddy, Glitchtrap decides to setup the laptop to turn this into an opportunity, but this discussion takes shorter than he anticipated. Golden Freddy starts walking into the room and Glitchtrap realizes this immediately, Glitchtrap has to leave the laptop there and immediately hides, Golden Freddy has already seen the laptop and curiously opened the laptop and was impressed by the laptop. While Golden Freddy faints, Glitchtrap finds it interesting and now Golden Freddy is Glitchtrap's main target. Glitchtrap enters Golden Freddy's dream and begins to manipulate him, helping to prepare him for his future plans, Glitchtrap seems to have easily manipulated and brainwashed Golden Freddy and gave Golden Freddy no chance, that's when the Chief was born. Glitchtrap starts rebuilding an old factory to kickstart the Chief's plans and execution. Filling the Factory with wonderful materials, items, and tools, Glitchtrap seemed to have worked so hard that he was tired, but that fatigue wouldn't last long. Well and Springtrap suddenly enters the factory and they start work, everything is going according to plan. Glitchtrap starts rebuilding an old factory to kickstart the Chief's plans and execution. Filling the Factory with wonderful materials, items, and tools, Glitchtrap seemed to have worked so hard that he was tired, but that fatigue wouldn't last long. Well and Springtrap suddenly enters the factory and they start work, everything is going according to plan. Glitchtrap would then surreptitiously monitor any future events and gather information, as well as wrong ways. This continues until SSR. During these events, possibly after the Christmas Special, when Glitchtrap was about to leave, Chica enters the room and sees the portal. Glitchtrap wasn't planning this, and he knew he had to do something right away. While Chica is trying to understand the situation, the Glitchtrap took his device and stabs Chica, while Chica is about to be erased, Foxy hears the voices and has already started walking towards the room. Glitchtrap noticed this and stopped the deletion. He hid Chica and entered the portal and then the portal closes. Foxy went in but he didn't see anything so went back. The portal reopened, Glitchtrap left holding Chica's body. Glitchtrap found a suitable place to hide Chica's body, imprisoned him in a place called The Flipside, and left her there with the 3 guards.

Special Strike: Rebellion[]

Glitchtrap seems to be imprisoned after the events of UCN Special 4. When he woke up, manages to escape to the city and goes out, Glitchtrap looks really normal where the battlefield is in ruins, he began to search around. After much research, unbeknownst to him, he is ambushed by Rat, Cat, and Penguin and taken to base, where Springtrap and the others intend to interrogate him. Glitchtrap cleverly managed to fool them by playing the naivete, looking like he was in shock when he saw Chica's body, but he continued to play his role and left. His device is also confiscated during this time. Glitchtrap was dissatisfied with this and began walking towards the assembly area with his HenchRabbits, when he got there, he brought his HenchRabbits out and told them about the situation and the future plan. He told them to keep quiet about what is happening now. Glitchtrap, gathering information by watching every event from afar, awaited the Chief's return. After a long time, Glitchtrap's delight seemed to be restored as the Chief's terrible form, Springtrap and his friends escape and then come again and battle unfolded, he continued to watch, explaining that everything was going according to plan. He said that Penguin and Chester's uprising and bringing in an army was unexpected, and he began to panic. He then said that he needed his device to fix it, and set out to search for it with his HenchRabbits. And then, Chica's swing coincided with him finding his device back. Chica remembers everything that happened to her and on her way to warn the others, but then she is caught by Glitchtrap and the erasure happens again, this time complete. Glitchtrap decides to have the Chief disappear because Berserk Chief still have mercy and he didnt kill all of his old friends, and Glitchtrap gives Pittrap his device and tells him what to do. With Pittrap eliminating the Chief, Glitchtrap shows up and confronts everyone, while sending Scythetrap to retrieve his device, QXR shows up and confiscates the device, QXR looks really angry and tried to interrogate Glitchtrap, QXR wanted Chief back or he would break the device. Glitchtrap brought the Chief back, but in a very different way. Chief looked very different, this time seeming to bow to Glitchtrap and now Chief looks unmerciful. QXR approached the Chief to greet the Chief, and unexpectedly, the Chief pierced QXR's head into pieces, thus killing him. After the Chief retrieved the device, he returned it to Glitchtrap. Now no one could stop Glitchtrap and so the plan was actually put into action, Glitchtrap stuck the device right in his stomach and began to undergo a different transformation, coming out of his cloak and taking the form of a giant insect, Bugtrap. This form of Glitchtrap would probably wipe out the souls of anyone it got its hands on, transforming it into brainless bodies or directly erasing them, being like a bug it could climb anything and move easily. Glitchtrap and his HenchRabbits are already starting to kill and erase everyone. After a while, the world started to collapse completely and it seems like only Springtrap and Foxy survived. Glitchtrap and his minions cornered Springtrap and just as they were about to kill him, The_End opened a rift in the middle and began sucking everyone above him. Pittrap had fallen into the rift, but Bugtrap was trying to get out, while Bugtrap was about to come out completely, The_End pulled out a large lever and dragged Bugtrap into the rift and the rift closed, after which the world was straightened. Glitchtrap and his servants are now imprisoned where the erased peoples go.


As shown in The Hottest Dog's hidden video in the The Special Strike: Rebellion, Glitchtrap and his Servants are trapped where the erased go or in a different void, but as written by The Hottest Dog, this isn't the last time we see them.



HenchRabbit 1 - Miniontrap[]

Miniontrap generally serves as the mastermind among the HenchRabbits, helping Glitchtrap with the plans, and seems to be in charge while Glitchtrap is absent. In general, he has a similar appearance to Glitchtrap, but with gray skin, a red vest, red strange eyes and no eyebrows. He doesn't seem to have any physical function, but he could probably use Glitchtrap's device with ease. he was kicked out of the restaurant by Freddy and was brought to the place where him and his leader and other henchrabbits trapped in.


HenchRabbit 2 - Scythetrap[]

Scythetrap is the most dangerous HenchRabbit, he seems to be really superior in terms of his physical figure. His climbing skills are fairly good. Scythetrap can act like a smart person. He is in the foreground in jobs such as catching. His appearance differs from the other servants; he has no costume but his head, his Endoskeleton is clearly visible, such as his torso, for easy movement, he wears a strange yellow Glitchtrap head on his head, he has sharp scythes instead of his hands and these scythes are attached to him, he has been shown to be exceptionally agile and fast. During the events of Rebellion, while Bugtrap was trying to be put in a void by The_End, Scythetrap tries to escape but he was caught and remained captured like the others.


HenchRabbit 3 - Pittrap/ITP SpringBonnie/Giant Glitchtrap[]

Pittrap is usually a HenchRabbit who possesses brute-force and acts as a Tank among the HenchRabbits. Pittrap is generally quite aggressive, beastly and strong, his physical attacks are highly developed thanks to his strong build, his teeth are so sharp that he can kill someone by just biting them and once he did, he's probably the person responsible for the problems, he usually works alongside Glitchtrap, when he killed someone he can bring them back to life but with monster minds, he can open portals by himself. He looks like Into The Pit Springbonnie but with a darker tone and eyebrows. During the events of Rebellion, He fell into the trap rift that was created by The_End. He was later imprisoned alongside Glitchtrap.